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     The Mount Olive Baptist Church (MOBC) was founded in the spring of 1870 when twenty-four black citizens of Plainfield, NJ applied for and were granted “letters of dismissal” from the largest Baptist church in the city, the predominantly white First Baptist Church. On April 5, 1870, the group met in the basement of First Baptist and held two religious services; which marked the beginning of the long history of the Mouth Olive Baptist Church, the first black church in the City of Plainfield and also known as the “Mother Church”. The Church was duly incorporated on October 12, 1870, in accordance with the laws of New Jersey, and was to function as a New Jersey religious corporation.

     Their vision was to play a significant role in the formation of a cohesive and stable community; often being considered the cornerstone of the African American community. They also envisioned the church to not only be the spiritual and cultural foundation of black people, but for it to play a role of educator and political leader as well. It was to be a refuge from, and resistor to, the harsh realities of social discrimination, economic dislocation, and political disfranchisement.

     The church has been served by fourteen ministers since it was organized in 1870. The last pastor, Donald DeWitt Nichols, Sr. was appointed in November 1978 and transitioned to glory in May 2014. Under each Pastor, the church continued to grow and move forward with building God’s Kingdom. The fourteen Ministers are (1) Rev. John Cary (1870-1870); (2) Rev. John D. Bagwell (1870-1874); (3) Rev. William Burch (1875-1877); (4) Rev. Robert Newton Fairfax (1878-1884); (5) Rev. John W. Mitchell (1885-1889); (6) Rev. W. W. Warnock aka Franklin G. Warnick (1891-1895); (7) Rev. P. S. Gibson (1896-1898); (8) Rev. E. E. Jackson (1898-1907); (9) Rev. M. A. Alexander (1898-1907); (10) Rev. M. W. Vaughn aka M. B. Broughan (1908-1916); (11) Rev. Arthur D. Jones (1916-1943); (12) Rev. William T. B. Hill (1944-1947); (13) Rev. Herman S. Clipper (1948-1977); and (14) Rev. Donald DeWitt Nichols, Sr. (1978-2014). From 2014 – 2016, the Mount Olive Baptist Church went through a vigorous pastoral search process. On September 26, 2016, God called Rev. Eric W. Wallace, Sr. to serve as the 15th Pastor of the Mount Olive Baptist Church and the members patiently wait to see what God has destined for this branch of Zion under the direction and leadership of Pastor Wallace.

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Reverend Eric W. Wallace, Sr.

      Rev. Eric W. Wallace, Sr. is an anointed preacher and Pastor Elect of the Mount Olive Baptist Church of Plainfield, NJ. He is known for his instructive and yet profound exposition of God's word. Pastor Wallace was born in Camden, NJ to Pastor Edward Wallace and the late Lauretta Wallace. He accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior at the tender age of 8 and was licensed to preach at the age of 11 by the Gethsemane Primitive Baptist Church in Newark, NJ. Pastor Eric preached his first sermon entitled "Trust In God and He Will Take Care of You" Exodus 14:13-14. Past Eric Wallace was Ordained September 29th, 1984 by the National Primitive Baptist Church Association.

     Pastor Wallace began his pastoral career at the age of 25, serving first as Assistant Pastor to Rev. A.C Durant of Washington, D.C. and then planting a church named Victory Primitive Baptist Church in Alexandra, VA. He was elected as the first and youngest moderator in the county for the Primitive Baptist Movement. After serving faithfully in the Washington, D.C area, Pastor Wallace returned home to assist his father in planting a new church, New Life Baptist Church in Burlington, NJ. He was elected in 1998, as the second pastor of New Life Baptist Church after the retiring of how father.

      Pastor Wallace holds a Bachelors Degree in Pastoral Ministry from Masters Divinity School Evansville, IN and is currently a student at New Brunswick Theological Seminary in the Master of Divinity Program. Pastor Wallace has over 30 years in ministry and over 18 years as a Pastor and still has a compassion for God's people. Pastor Wallace can be found on social media spreading the gospel. He can often be heard saying "true change can only come when you have concerned clergy and compassionate congregants."

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